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I was starting a new construction business and I was confused as to how I would get the type of bonds I needed to service my clients. After speaking with Anthony, I was confident he could help and excited to finally get started on our first contract. Once I signed on and I started working with Anthony and the HHAS team, it has been Heaven ever since. Very happy I chose hhas!

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith


Over the past 30 plus years of my career, I have learned many things, especially in relation to the insurance industry. Many agents have offered me quotes and good service but nobody was as quick and expedient as HHAS. Thank you kindly for all you do!

Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore


My experience have been extremely satisying this far, and I am able to live a full life with all the joys of my own house and vehicle. Thank you so much for your hard work!”

Mandy Ferrera

Mandy Ferrera


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